Claudia Stapel

From the day she was born (Arnhem 11-10-1969) art has always been a significant part of her life. She grew up in a creative environment. Both grandfathers were artists and she loved to spend hours drawing and painting. At elementary school she started drawing portraits of actors and popstars, which she sold to her classmates. After having moved several times she returned to her beloved Arnhem in 2014. Together with her husband she bought a coach house which is more than 100 years old. This coach house is in a hidden place at the centre of the city. Studio HIDDEN52 is where she remains today to live and work. After having followed various creative studies Claudia developed her own unique technique. 


I listen and absorb personal experiences
— Your experiences —
to create the ultimate result.

Like a naked person who reveals their pure self,
my process starts with a bare canvas waiting for layers
of paint that build meaning and expression.

I am always searching for contrasts in
emotion, technique and material.
Loving the element of surprise, I never know
what the next layer may bring.

“Your eyes reflect my soul”